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The service for our guests:

  • Table-/ bed-clothes, and towels are available
  • The eggs for breakfast the children can pick up directly from the nest
  • Survey of the farm possible. The guests can attend all activities. All machines and there use will be explained.
  • In summer the guests can visit our alp and take a look on the process of "Kasn" (cheese production) and the production of our fresh butter.
  • Experience a jovially barbecue evening with us.
  • In winter season collective lugeing.
  • If needed we offer a baby bed and a baby's high chair for free.
  • The vitality area is in winter time opened every day,
    in summer season once a week. The use is included in the price.
  • Of course you can buy our self-made products (eggs, butter, cheese) also separately.
  • You get the milk for your breakfast everyday. Fresh and Free Not in summer season (cettles are on the alp).
  • Self-made schnapps - our fruit is in our own distillery processed. For survey of the distillery and tasting of our schnapps our guests are welcome.

For the apartment Salzachtal and the holiday house we do not provide special services.

Bild: Frühstück am Haslachhof


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